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Accountants Dublin is a young and dynamic firm of accountants based in Dublin.
We understand that all new and growing businesses need pro-active business advisers that provide more than just taxation and compliance services. So, at Accountants Dublin, we offer professional assistance and guidance too, as well as a wealth of experience in all the aspects of business and commerce.


Our vision is really very simple, yet sometimes difficult for others to match. Sole traders, partnerships and small and medium-sized businesses should be able to avail themselves of highly trained accountants at a cost which they can afford, yet still receive a high level of personal service.Accountants Dublin provides a small firm personal touch with large firm resources.

Accountants Dublin is recognised by its clients in giving outstanding client care and service and we spend our time and resources in maintaining our excellent relationships with our clients.

Let use help you get an accountant in Dublin that will fit your needs and budget in the area you would like.

Let you be the judge.

Our Mission

We are strongly committed to providing outstanding accounting, consulting, and tax and payroll services. We are fully committed to excellence that will be consistently reflected in timely personal attention to our clients’ needs and the utilisation of the best accounting practices and technology. While providing our services, we shall make it a priority to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the well being of our clients and not merely the interests of our firm. In everything we do, we shall be committed to showing utter respect for our clients and uncompromising integrity in client relations throughout every aspect of our practice.

How can we help

Whatever business is to day then you can be sure that tomorrow will be different. New taxes every year to deal with, constant changes in legislation that can have serious consequences for your business. The world of business becomes steadily more complicated. We can help by being constantly in front of the ball and in advising you well in advance of the changes so that you can take advantage of the changes or minimise the effect that it might have on your business.

You own your own business.

Self employed individuals stand to see the greatest return when hiring an accountant and that is because they have arguably the biggest exposure. Running a business presents a lot of unique situations that can have a significant impact on your taxes. Being self employed also opens the door for a new and full world of tax deductions, credits, and retirement account planning that you the self employed may not be used to. While you can certainly find most of this information online. In having someone who does this for a living will save you time and maybe (hopefully) even some money. In addition to just helping you find all the available tax deductions and paying the Revenue as little as possible an accountant Dublin can be very helpful in working with you to structure and plan your business as best as possible, putting together a tax plan for the future to help you take advantage of the possible tax breaks in the coming year, and being there for you if you encounter problems and adjustments down the road.

Property or taxable investment dealings.

Do you have rental properties? If so, an accountant dublin will be the way to go. Owning a rental property opens up a lot of special tax shelters and reliefs that you will probably want to take the maximum advantage of and make sure you are not making any mistakes. The same thing can go for just buying and selling a home or other property. While the tax laws are pretty straightforward, its usually a large transaction in terms of Euros so you want to make sure you are doing everything properly and correctly. Finally, let us not forget the important tracking of capital gains and losses on taxable investments. If you buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or anything else throughout the year in a taxable account you are going to have a lot of important things to consider. Long-term vs. short-term gains and losses, dividends taxed at a different rate, cost basis, and so on. Off course, you can do this on your own, but how much time will it take and are you sure you will catch and account for everything? The time saved by hiring a professional dublin accountant alone may pay for itself many times over.

What Clients Say

What can you say, always there, always on time for my business. A reasonable price and great performance


I had been in business for about two years and had to file PAYE, PRSI and VAT returns for the business. I had no idea what to do! Over the two years I have developed a good relationship with Accountants Dublin. I do not hesitate to contact them for assistance when I need it. They are always there with expert, sound advice. Business partnerships based on trust and respect is so important to me!


For those of us who are ‘numerically challenged’ starting a business can be a daunting experience. I got lucky. Accountants Dublin has been a sure and steady guide through the labyrinths of the Revenue. Drawing on their extensive knowledge and highly professional ethics, Accountants Dublin has provided a skilful and supportive climate for me in which to grow a new business. They always made time for me at every turn and gave me the confidence to put a good idea into a viable plan. What they provide is in the nature of a partnership, and you could not ask for much more


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